Florida: Introduction

The Sunshine State

Florida Introduction Florida Introduction

Florida is a metropolis, a melting pot of cultures with stunning aestetic beauty. As a major hub on the southern tip of the United States, Florida attracts some 75 million visitors per year with half of a million making it home. Florida is said to be the mythical home of the fountain of youth with historic cities like St. Augustine, man-made attractions like Walt Disney World, Magic Kingdom Park and Busch Gardens.

But there is so much more to Florida – for the adventure seeker there is a diverse ecosystem with underdeveloped beaches, the Everglades National Park, a blend of watersports in the Florida Keys, freshwater lakes, winding waterways, forests, hills for rambling, exciting cities, bays, inlets and islands and almost 14,000km (over 8000 miles) unspoilt beautiful beaches. Florida has become a haven for bikers, college students on Spring Break, kid-friendly attarctions, bars, restaurants, upmarket resorts, boutiques, malls and luxury spas for those needing a bit of pampering.