Florence: Introduction

City of Stone

Florence Introduction Florence Introduction

Florence, the capital of Tuscany, is small enough to be covered on foot in less than an hour. It surely is one of the most lovely and ancient cities in Italy - and undoubtedly in the whole world, it being home to many of the artists who have influenced the course of history in every realm of expertise, including art, literature and philosophy. The Ufizzi museum is the most renowned in Florence, as are the priceless paintings and sculptures housed there. Its collection of Renaissance paintings includes several globally acclaimed masterpieces - of all time.

Florence is the place where the Renaissance grew and flourished, and where visitors are often overwhelmed by the huge array of beauty and culture that they witness, just by strolling through its streets and majestic piazzas. There is also some beautiful countryside very close to Florence – rolling green hills topped by fortified villas; vast vineyards and crumbling ancient villages. Tuscany, like Florence itself, is unspoilt, well kept and simply stunning to behold. Florence gives off a precious air – precious in the fact that it is flawless in its appearance and is host to some of the most revered works and buildings in history. Even when taking holiday photographs of this amazing city, it makes you want to frame and hang each one for posterity.