Egypt: Introduction

A Land of an Ancient Civilization

Egypt Introduction Egypt Introduction

The land that gave birth to the first great civilisation needs little introduction. The pyramids, the minarets, the Nile – the scope of Egypt is magnificent and no visitor will be disappointed by all that is on offer in this magnificent ancient destination. 

As you stand in awe next to the colossal pyramids, near Cairo, and wonder how each magnificent block was crafted into place, work up the courage to crawl inside and explore ancient chambers where pharaohs' tombs and treasures once rested. During your stay, admire romantic panoramas on a luxurious cruise down the Nile or get closer to the water and cast out your line to catch the river's famous gigantic 200lb perch. Visit Sharm El Sheikh and dive among vivid coral in the Red Sea - one of the world's finest psychedelic underwater worlds - and spend an evening relaxing with a shisha pipe, its fruity, heady scents spiraling into the air.

Egypt’s enigmatic treasure trove of almost unimaginable archaeological and cultural riches makes it hard not to think of Egypt without imagining all the splendors of the Sphinx, the pyramids and the Nile. As well as being the world's largest open-air museum, Egypt also offers a slew of luxurious Red Sea resorts, many within reach of spectacular snorkeling, diving and windsurfing. Whether you see it by riverboat, from camelback or from just above the coral, Egypt's sights are unforgettable.

Travelers should be aware however that there are areas of the country that are quite poor and some places where standards of sanitation aren't the highest in the world. Some visitors may be bothered by the heat (even during winter), and others may find the amount of walking necessary to see the various temples to be a physical strain. However, if a visit is properly paced for the age of the traveler, there shouldn't be any problems. All things considered, Egypt's rewards far outweigh its disadvantages.