Dubai: Introduction

Extravagant and over-the-top, and we're loving it!

Dubai Introduction Dubai Introduction

Dubai is a modern, western Arab desert city which offers plenty of 5 star hotels on the beach, in the city, as well as mountain and desert resorts and spas. Restaurants offer a wide choice of international cuisine with a good selection of wines and other beverages in most restaurants. Celebrated chefs have set up gourmet restaurants in Dubai - proof that Dubai is recognised as a centre of quality and excellence.

Glamourous and extravagant, upon their return home, visitors may say that Dubai is a materialistic and over-the-top metropolis that has a head too big for its age. We all know they're just jealous. Whether you end up loving or loathing its ostentatious nature, Dubai is certainly no disappointment to visitors.

With a myriad of glamourous shopping malls, plush hotels, a dizzying array of dining options and modern clubs and bars, it’s all just too easy. Driven by Sheikh Mohammad, a leader who doesn’t have the word "impossible" in his dictionary, visitors and potential residents are flocking to this Middle East oasis in increasing numbers with the promise that Dubai is like no other city on earth.

Dubai offers visitors and residents alike plenty of things to do. There are eight green 18 hole golf courses including 2 championship courses, a range of water sports, such as fishing and diving, organised off road dune driving, excursions into the mountains and neighbouring desert emirates, sightseeing by river cruise, by sea plane and helicopter and city tours. Dubai appeals to every age group, it has plenty of night life, good restaurants, water sports, shopping and many things for children to do.

The fact stands. Dubai is a fascinating experiment and a city-state that’s like no other.