Dominican Republic: Introduction

A Land of Contrasts

Dominican Republic Introduction Dominican Republic Introduction

The Dominican Republic is a veritable paradise for any traveler. The country, which is unique among its Caribbean counterparts for its strong growth and relatively stable economy, is hugely geared up for tourism, and practically everything you can think of doing is catered for. You can soak up the Caribbean sun on its perfect beaches, sip cocktails in its vibrant bars, dance the night away in its nightclubs, or tour its plethora of landmarks and cultural points of interest. The nation is constantly developing and changing, and its primary industry is now services, where once it was sugar production, illustrating the level to which the Dominican Republic has geared itself toward tourism.

The island is an incredibly popular tourist destination the world over, and is particularly renowned for its golf courses, amongst many other major tourist attractions. Sport is incredibly popular in the Dominican Republic and, like Cuba, baseball is one of the most widely observed sports. The main problem tourists face in the Dominican Republic is the frequent mass-failings of the electricity network, although steps are being taken to make the nation less energy-inconsistent.

The Dominican Republic has an extraordinary range of biological diversity, and the flora and fauna of the nation dazzle all who come to see it.