Cyprus: Sightseeing

A kaleidoscopic blend of cultures

Cyprus Sightseeing

Cyprus is rich in history, culture and mythology and has an array of popular attractions and sight seeing tours. Because Cyprus is so compact the island is accessible allowing you the time to fit more than one excursion in a day. There are a number of coach tours offering trips to a variety of historical sites or locations or if you prefer to take in sights at your own leisure why not hire a car and explore the island in accordance with your own schedule. The places to see in Cyprus is evidence of the number of empires that have influenced the hallowed shores from the fascination of Roman Mosaics and ancient Greek civilisation to the gothic architecture of Medieval castles. There is so much to do and say many things to see in Cyprus the difficulty is fitting it all in.

Bus trips are available to a number of tourist destinations or if you prefer to explore the countryside and spectacular coastline there are many glorious sights to see on one of the many walks in Cyprus will ensure you are not short of things to do and because the island is compact the opportunity to experience numerous places of interest is accessible. Ancient and historical sites in both northern and southern Cyprus have been preserved like the intriguing Tomb of Kings and the beautiful Roman mosaics, and the numerous myths and legends bring the history of the island of Aphrodite to life. Modern day Cyprus will take you on boat excursions to watch dolphins, splash around in water parks or sample local wines in the Lambouri winery.