Cyprus: Food and Drink

A kaleidoscopic blend of cultures

Cyprus Food and Drink

There is no shortage of places to eat in Cyprus all at comparatively competitive prices, but no matter what your budget or culinary preference, the quality is of food and drink is a good standard. The variety and diversity of dining out in Cyprus is as you would expect of a popular tourist destination and there are numerous restaurants serving the finest cuisine from all around the world. However, local dishes will reflect the part of the country you are in, with Turkish food mostly served in the north and Greek in the south. Seafood and meats are specialities either side of the border and cost a similar price you expect to pay in most regions of the UK. The service is always polite, friendly and efficient and the waiting staff speak good English. Many bars offer full English breakfast for around 5 Euros whilst an evening meal in a restaurant can be anything from 12 Euros upwards per head. If you are on a budget and want cheap places to eat, tavernas and cafes offer good food at reasonable prices and it is always worth asking the locals what food and drink they recommend and the best local places to eat. Of course, when it comes to fast-food the usual suspects like MacDonalds and KFC are easy to find, though the local kebab and halafal shops are perfect to soak up the beer.