Cyprus: Fishing

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Cyprus Fishing

Surrounded by the sea Cyprus a host of tours offering fishing trips on yachts specially equipped for deep sea fishing. The choice of fish to catch in the sea is endless and off the coast of Cyprus there are some of the most exciting fish to catch, like Tuna, Swordfish, Amber Jack and even Octopus. Even if you don't like fishing but enjoy a ride out to sea under the sun, some fishing tour operators in Cyprus offer trips to passengers for 10 Euro whilst fishing is only 15 Euro. If you prefer freshwater fishing the sunny climate in Cyprus is perfect as the fish like the sun as much as the fishermen. Angling is a popular past time in Cyprus and there are 23 well stocked reservoirs with a good variety of fresh water fish though with prices ranging from 35 Euros to 60 Euros per adult is an expensive way to pass the time.