Cyprus: Honeymoon

A kaleidoscopic blend of cultures

Cyprus Honeymoon

Is there a more romantic place to have a honeymoon than Cyprus, the island of love goddess, Aphrodite? In Greek mythology the goddess of love is said to have emerged from foam of the waves in the Mediterranean Sea and washed up to the shore of Cyprus in a beautiful shell. The island is beautiful with plenty of romantic settings like one of the many walks or secluded bays where you can watch the sun melt into the sea. Weddings in Cyprus are popular due to the clement weather and with 333 days of glorious sunshine, you will be virtually ensured your wedding day is not spoilt by wind or rain. Many honeymoon couples like to take a visit to Aphrodite's baths where it is said the goddess met and seduced her lover, Adonis. Taking a dip in the pool there is said two bond the couples union of love. Because the island is so versatile getting married in Cyprus is an ideal destination for the honeymoon couple and guests to explore the island or simply relax, whatever their hearts desire.