Cyprus: Culture and Arts

A kaleidoscopic blend of cultures

Cyprus Culture and Arts

Due to its geographic location in the epicentre of the cultural worlds of Europe and Asia, Cyprus has an abundance of art and culture and there is no shortage history and mythology to explore. The heritage of the isle of Aphrodite is predominantly influenced by his conquerors over the centuries and there is still strong groundings of Greek and Roman occupation through to the medieval Byzantine era and Ottoman rule. Holidays in Cyprus are a perfect opportunity to indulge in arts and culture of the past and Cypriot like nothing more than to celebrate the islands history with numerous festivals and exhibitions all year round. Some ancient sites unearthed in the recent past are still been excavated on leaving Cyprus with the promise of further discoveries and many more tales of the past to uncover. Holidays in Cyprus offer mystical intrigue and the art and culture that on this beautiful island make for a holiday that can be both relaxing and inspiring.