Croatia: Food Guide - Dining Out

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Croatia Food Guide - Dining Out

Dining in Croatia is a generally a relaxed experience, mainly because you can eat remarkably well for the price. Budget travellers will find themselves eating tasty local specialties for a fraction of what they would pay at home. Like much of Croatian culture, the cuisine is divided into coastal (Dalmatian and Istrian) and interior flavours (mostly from Zagorje which includes Zagreb and north western Croatia) with a sub-category of Slavonian cuisine from east Croatia. In mainland Croatia the most celebrated dish is turkey with a type of pasta (mlinci), and štrukli.

On the coast, naturally, fish and shellfish dishes are very popular as well as grilled meat specialities, the most famous of which is Dalmatian brodet (a kind of fish broth), and pašticada (beef braises in herbs). Two people can have dinner for the price of less than €19, but there are of course also rather expensive restaurants around. A bottle of water usually costs around €0.70 and beer around €1.60. House wine is about €8 a litre but you can pay up to €140 a bottle for good Croatian wine, Zlatan Plavac being just one of them.