Croatia: Costs

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Croatia Costs

Croatia has a reputation as a cheap destination even though prices have been rising in the last few years. Today, Croatia remains cheaper than many other Mediterranean destinations.

The high season, July and August, is more expensive as are first-class hotels in general. From April to May and September to October prices are heavily reduced.

Cities such as Dubrovnik and Zagreb are the most expensive towns and Hvar is the most expensive island. The villages around Dubrovnik are cheaper than Dubrovnik and Jelsa is cheaper than Hvar Town. The best value accommodation consists of staying in private apartments and rooms, which are very popular in Croatia and are available from around €11 per person per day during the high season. Hotel rooms are available for between €32 (240 Kuna) and €1800 (13,430 Kuna) per night per person, depending on the level of luxury, season and location. Campsites typically operate from mid-April to mid-September and charge around €13.50 (100 Kuna) per day including campsite, tent and car parking.