Croatia: White Water Rafting

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Croatia White Water Rafting Croatia White Water Rafting

The Cetina river is the most well known place for white water rafting in Croatia The character of the Cetina varies considerable along its length. In the upper regions it is mostly fast with plenty of white water rapids, in the lower regions the river is much slower, more like a lake. Another great location for white water rafting is the mesmerizing Kupa River that shares its border with southeast Slovenia and north-west Croatia. Rafting through the river is pretty safe and the rapid streams offer you maximum pleasure all the way. There are many White water rafting locations in Croatia.

Sea kayaking and white-water outfitters are popping up like mushrooms all over Croatia. Recommended by the National Geographic, Huck Finn Adventure Travel (, based in the capital city of Zagreb, is the granddaddy of watersports in Croatia. It offers one-day ($38) and eight-day ($550) white-water rafting and kayaking trips on the rollicking coastal rivers, namely the Dobra and Krupa and the slower Zrmanja. In addition to guided trips, Huck Finn rents sea kayaks from a variety of bases along the coast and in the islands ($25 a day, $140 a week) and will help you put together your own DIY trip. This is perfect for holiday adventure seekers in Croatia.