Croatia: Wine Tasting Holiday

The New Riviera

Croatia Wine Tasting Holiday

Croatia boasts more than 300 geographically defined wine regions, which produce 67 percent white, 32 percent red and the remaining 1 percent rose wines. For such a small land, Croatia has produced more than its share of grapes, winemakers and wine. Current production is over 50 million bottles a year.

The coastal wine region runs along the Adriatic coast and includes Istria in the north and Dalmatia to the south. A multitude of islands and hillside slopes produce an endless array of microclimates dotted with small winegrowing estates.

There are cruises on offer that take you on a Mediterranean voyage including some of Croatia’s islands during which the wines of the visited regions are sampled. During a Dalmation wine tasting tour, you will visit Istria, Hvar, Korkula and Dubrovnic and take part in wine tastings in historical sites.