Croatia: Scuba Diving Activity Holiday

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Croatia Scuba Diving Activity Holiday

Undoubtedly the most attractive diving locations in the Adriatic are underwater cliff faces and reefs, caves and the wrecks of ships and aeroplanes. The Croatian landmass ranks among the most specific in the world. Dalmatia itself is full of caves, crevices, sink holes and channels. It is estimated that there are around 1500 underwater caves and holes still undiscovered in the Adriatic.
Today, the number of registered and licensed diving centres exceeds 100, with the largest number being located in Istria and Kvarner, and in the area of Central Dalmatia. There are various diving centres and clubs along the coast of Croatia. They organize diving courses for both, beginners and experienced divers as well as snorkelling courses for children. All courses are very affordable and highly professional. They also hire equipment and offer excursions in the most beautiful locations. Renting equipment cost about €60 (440 Kuna) for a day with additional costs of around €30 (220 Kuna) for being taken to the diving destination by boat.
It is important to note that there are zones where diving is prohibited even with individual permission. These are those zones under special protection by the Ministry of Culture, and diving in those areas may be allowed but only when accompanied by a diving guide from an authorized diving centre. A one-year fee of about €14 (100 Kuna) per year is charged for anybody choosing to go on a scuba diving holiday in Croatia.