Croatia: Hiking Activity Holiday

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Croatia Hiking Activity Holiday

Hiking in general is a very popular activity in Croatia and there are many Croatian hiking holiday packages available. Easy rambling territory in inland Croatia is provided by wooded Mount Medvednica and the Samobor Hills. Higher altitudes and lengthier walks can be found in the Gorski kotar region, between Karlovac and the coast. On the Adriatic coast, Ucka, immediately above Opatija and Lovran, is one of the most easily accessible mountains, and can be safely bagged by reasonably fit hikers. The more challenging Velebit range’s main hiking areas are around the Zavižan summit, near Senj, and the Paklenica National Park at Velebit's southern end. In Dalmatia, the major peaks are Kozjak and Mosor and the most challenging of all the Adriatic mountains, Biokovo. Ranges such as Gorski kotar and Velebit seem to invite extended expeditions, but unfortunately hut-to-hut walking in Croatia is still in its early stages and no local travel agencies arrange it. Mountain refuges (planinarski dom) run by local hiking associations do exist, but they're usually only open at the weekend, making anything longer than a 36-hour trek unfeasible.