Croatia: Camping

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Croatia Camping

For people who want to be closer to nature during their time off, a camping holiday in Croatia is a good option with over 100 sites along the country’s coast alone. Most of the camps are situated on the seashore, near tourist centres and usually in stunning natural surroundings. Croatian camps are categorized with 1 to 4 star ratings. The standards are similar to those in the rest of Europe. Prices range between €20 and €45 per night for two people, 2 children, a caravan and a car. Most campsites are open from May to October but there are a large number of campsites that are open all year-round. Camps that are open all year-round must provide the necessary amenities (heated sanitary facilities, living areas and so forth). ‘Wild Camping’, camping outside of designated campgrounds in not permitted in Croatia.