Costa Rica: When to Book

Where the sun always shines

Costa Rica When to Book

The most expensive times to visit Costa Rica are around any sort of holiday period, especially Christmas and New Year as the sun does not stop shining here all year round. You may find it cheaper booking on your own iniative as opposed to doing so through a travel agent – though they will have an easily-accessible range of deals. You should be sure to look out for special offers if booking a resort or luxury hotel and as with booking any foreign getaway – be sure to do so in good time. Be careful to check the weather in the exact area that you are visiting as just checking a general temperature can be misleading as many parts of Costa Rica have completely different climates. Generally November is a very wet month and April is known to experience blistering heat.Browse our links for all types of accommodation in Costa Rica. These are updated hourly to provide you with the latest deals and last minute offers on hotels and holiday apartments in Costa Rica.