Costa Rica: Crime

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Costa Rica Crime

Crime in Costa Rica is at its worst in the capital. Unfortunately if you are obviously a tourist, then you are a target. In San José, there are far fewer rapes and murders, however, petty theft is quite popular and on the streets, the snatch and grab type of crimes are common; especially in the downtown area. Pickpockets are around in numbers so do not carry a lot of money, and keep the money you have in a location where you don't need to pull out a wad to pay for something. Generally, if you do not wear flashy jewellery, if you stay on the main streets, and if you stay aware of your surroundings, you'll be fine. Also, it is best not to be taking your evening stroll late at night in San José, and under no circumstances, enter any of the many public parks after dark. Most are truly dangerous at night, as they are in almost any big city. Outside of San José, crime is dependent on the area, but in general is a lot less frequent, with the obvious tourist area exceptions.