Costa Rica: Party Holiday - Singles Life

Where the sun always shines

Costa Rican ladies are known affectionately as “ticas” and the dating scene, particularly for older men in Costa Rica is quite lively. It is not uncommon to see a much older man with a younger woman as age is not especially important in Costa Rica. No-one has supposedly told the Costa Ricans that disco is dead and disco bars start rocking from around 10pm onwards. For the singleton on the prowl there are many trendy bars and specifically orientated single clubs in which you may meet your tica. El Pueblo, near the capital, is the most lively and developed nightlife area within the country and features a non-stop party of clubs, bars and restaurants that party on until late. In summary, if you go looking for a good time in the right place you may find a great party and a tica all in one hazy evening.