Costa Rica: Culture and Arts

Where the sun always shines

Having been a former Spanish colony, Costa Rica is full of history and natural sights. Though Costa Rica doesn’t have the greatest collection of manmade culture, it certainly packs a great deal of natural culture. By night San José gets into its stride with discos hotter than the tropical night. On weekends rural folks flock to small-town dance halls, and the Ticos' celebrated reserve gives way to outrageously flirtatious dancing befitting a land of passionate men and women. The streets of San José are festooned with tiny theatres--everything from comedy to drama, avant-garde, theatre-in-the-round, mime, and even puppet theatre. Crowds flock every night Tuesday through Sunday. Modern artists in Costa Rica are also starting to begin to command global recognition. Costa Rica has its own unique culture & arts that need to be seen to be believed.