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There are a range of hostels in the Costa Dorada. However, the density of hostels depends on the city/area in question with the Costa Dorada. For example, there are over 40 hostels in Barcelona, whereas there are only a handful of hostels in Tarragona and Salou, this means that prices are not competitive in some areas. Prices start for hostels at a pricey €24 a night and the more expensive hostels are priced at around €50. Hostels have varying facilities, and it is best to research the hostels before you set out for the Costa Dorada. Some hostels in the Costa Dorada have their own bars and eating areas, and some even provide breakfast and guided walks. Be aware that some hostels will place the same genders together, for example, in hostels in Barcelona mixed dorms are commonplace. Costs vary according to the time of year that you backpack in the Costa Dorada, and it will be more expensive to stay in hostels during the summer months.

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