Costa Dorada: Backpacking

The Golden Coast

Costa Dorada Backpacking

Backpacking opportunities in the Costa Dorada are inconsistent; this is due to the fact that some city areas such as Barcelona have an abundance of hostels, while other areas such as Salou and Tarragona have only a handful. Prices start for hostels at a pricey €24 a night and the more expensive hostels are priced at around €50, so it is not the most economical option. However, in areas such as Barcelona where there are many hostels you can get a good deal as they are competitively priced. In terms of nightlife for backpackers, Costa Dorada is the place to be. There are a multitude of bars, nightclubs and restaurants in Salou and Barcelona, which have themed nights with drinks offers. Additionally, there are lots of economical activities you can pursue, such as strolling down the ‘Ramblas’, surfing on the vast stretch of coastline or mooching around the Spanish shops. Overall backpacking holidays is a good option in the Costa Dorada, but can be limiting in the smaller resorts, such as Salou.j