Corsica: Main Sights

A little slice of heaven (out of peak season)

Corsica Main Sights

Scandola Natural Reserve
A popular attraction is the Scandola Natural Reserve which is accessed by travelling by boat down the coast. It is a World Heritage Site located to the north east of Calvi on the Cape Girolata peninsula. The reserve covers around 900 hectares of land and 1000 hectares of sea. There is no way to enter the region by car and to enter by foot is extremely difficult so the best way to enjoy the splendours of Corsica’s coastline is by taking a boat. Trips leave from Calvi, and less frequently from Porto. The trip is highly recommended in order to see some of the finest coastline in the Mediterranean. Strange rock formations emerge from the crystal clear sea and the coastline is dotted with jagged inlets and caves.

The Trinicellu, or ‘Little Train’
This narrow gauge railway runs along the coast between Calvi and Bastia. The journey takes about 50 minutes between Calvi and Ile Rousse, the two main resorts in the Balagne, and is an experience not to be missed. The service also runs between Ponte Lecchia and Ajaccio. This route passes through some of the most incredible scenery on the island. The limited schedule means that it's not practical to do a round trip in a day. However, you could always stay overnight in Bastia or Ajaccio. Regarded as one of the most impressive sections on the railway, Corte and Bocognano, are great places to travel between. The route ranks as one of the most scenic railways in the world. From Corte, the train crosses the enormous Vecchio viaduct which was engineered by Gustav Eiffel (who created the Eiffel Tower).

Ajaccio, a chic seaside town famed for its fine restaurants and Musée Fesch on the west coast, has a great all year climate and is popular with visitors. Its biggest claim to fame is as the birthplace of Napoleon Bonaparte. Take time to wander the beautiful streets and visit Napoleon’s home. There are statues and monuments around the city to discover.

Roman and Greek Ruins
Aleria on the east coast has Roman ruins to explore and even a few remains of a Greek settlement leading historians to believe it has been inhabited for at least 8,000 years.

Medieval Town of Bonifacio
The medieval town of Bonifacio is the oldest town in Corsica, based above a natural harbour on the site of a 9th century citadel. The town is at the southern point of Corsica, which is just 12km from Sardinia. This gives Bonifacio and its harbour a sophisticated Italian feel. This town is very popular with visitors and locals alike. A lot of sporting activities and events take place in this area of Corsica including the ‘Round Corsica Sailing Trip’, a 250 mile round trip of Corsica’s coast which happens every October.

Top recommondendations for Corsica

Our Top Picks For Corsica

* 1 Cap Corse
A rugged, maquis-clad peninsula studded with Genoese towers and quaint fishing villages

* 2 Désert Des Agriates
A sun-scorched landscape bordered by crystal-clear waters and the stunning Plage de Saleccia

* 3 The Balagne Craft Trail
Huddles of picturesque villages along this scenic road in the Balagne interior

* 4 Calvi
A long sandy beach, a well-proportioned citadel and a host of exceptional festivals

* 5 La Castagniccia
A rich tapestry of lush valleys, mountain streams, chestnut forests and ancient villages

* 6 Golfe De Porto
Plunging pink cliffs, wild coastal drives and the surreal rock formations of Les Calanques

* 7 Vallée Du Tavignano
The most secretive valley of the interior - no car, no roads, just a path and tempting rock pools

* 8 Vizzavona
Ancient beech and laricio pine forests to explore – by foot or swinging through the trees at a Parc Aventure

* 9 Chisà
Crystal-clear rock pools and a charming mountain hamlet, nestled in the Vallée du Travo

* 10  Îles Lavezzi
Deserted islets famed for their powder-soft sand, turquoise waters and 1.5m-long groupers

* 11 Alta Rocca
A land of megalithic remains, the majestic Aiguilles de Bavella and picturesque hilltop hamlets

* 12 Porto Pollo
A charming fishing village by the deep-blue Mediterranean edged by rolling hills and fragrant maquis

* 13 Sartène
A labyrinthine town of cobbled alleyways and fortress-like houses set high above the Rizzanese Valley