Corsica: Main Facts

A little slice of heaven (out of peak season)

Corsica Main Facts

Geographical location of Corsica
Corsica is situated in the Mediterranean Sea 99miles off the southern coast of France in the gulf of Genoa. It is under French government, however, the island is actually nearer to the coast of Italy being just 50 miles away. Corsica and Sardinia are closely linked as Corsica is roughly 9 miles north of the north tip of Sardinia.

Languages of Corsica
The language of Corsica is known as Corsu. It is more closely related to Italian than French and many people are working to keep it alive, this can be seen by the exclusive use of Corsu street and shop signs about the island. A lot of the islanders also speak French.

Currency in Corsica
The currency of Corsice is the Euro as it is under French rule. It’s best to use cash as it is virtually impossible to change Travellers Cheques in Corsica. Credit cards are now very widely accepted with the exception of some of the restaurants in the mountain villages. All of the banks have ATM machines for cash withdrawals.