Corsica: History

A little slice of heaven (out of peak season)

Corsica History

Corsica’s history dates back thousands and thousands of years and there are signs of Greek and Roman heritage all over the island. The Ionian Greeks had a brief foothold in Corsica with the foundation of Aleria in 566 BC and was taken over by the Romans in 237 BC. The Romans had a profound influence, colonizing the entire coast, permeating inland and changing the unknown indigenous language to Latin. Corsica remained under Roman rule until its conquest by the Vandals in 430 AD. It was recovered by the eastern, or Byzantine Empire, in 522 AD which is why there are remains of the ancient Greek’s influence. After the fall of Rome Corsica became an easy target for predation by migrant peoples and corsairs from every quarter of the Mediterranean, who plundered and ravaged at will until the coastal settlements fell into decline and the population occupied the slopes of the mountains. Corsica’s history continues with encounters with the Moors, Pisa, Aragon and France. In recent years the Corsicans have been at unease with the French, who the island is governed by, as they have felt ignored. Corsicans are very proud of their history, heritage and language.