Corsica: Geography

A little slice of heaven (out of peak season)

Corsica Geography

Corsica is situated 160km (99miles) off the southern coast of France in the gulf of Genoa. It is actually closer in distance to the west coast of Italy being just 80km (50 miles) away. Corsica is very close to the island of Sardinia being just 12km north. The two islands are very mountainous for the most part, except for the rich soiled plains of the Campidano in Sardinia. The highest peak in Corsica is Monte Cinto, which is around 8890 feet above sea level. The beaches on the island of Corsica are some of the most beautiful in the world, which is also where the Romans tended to colonize themselves. The abundance of forests in the mountains include pine, beech and evergreen oak and the main major agricultural products are clementines (99% of France's production), almonds (42%), chestnuts (21%), kiwis(17,3%), and olive oil (12,9%).