Corsica: Hiking - Walking

A little slice of heaven (out of peak season)

Hiking is one of the main attractions to Corsica. There are walks for those just wanting to explore the island as well as tougher treks for the serious hikers, such as the GR20. (The death-defying switchback roads make for some woozy driving, too.) The GR20 hike crosses Corsica from northwest to southeast. It is 170 kilometres long with an average altitude of between 1000m and 2000m. The hike starts in Calenzana in the Balagne region and finishes in Conca near Porto Vecchio. The path follows the mountain ridge that cuts across Corsica and attracts around 10,000 hiking enthusiasts every year. This renowned trail will take you through an assorted range of landscape including forests, granite moonscapes, craters, glacial lakes, torrents, peat bogs, maquis and beautiful snow-capped peaks. For hiking enthusiasts this is an experience not to be missed. However, people of all fitness levels can enjoy the stunning scenery of Corsica and there are numerous shorter options available all across the island. Whether you wish to make your own tracks and go at your own pace, or go as part of a group, there are plenty of hiking companies that will be happy to assist with your plans. Corsica is an island that is best appreciated on foot and there is plenty of variety to suit walkers and hikers of all levels. For those just wanting to spend a few hours walking and sight seeing there is one enjoyable walk from Calvi up to the church of Madonna della Serra. Another area to explore on foot is Corte. The village is set on a rocky outcrop above the Tavignano valley, the main places of interest in Corte itself are the citadel and the Museum of Corsica. The citadel is visible from anywhere in the area as it is perched high on a craggy rock. This can be reached by narrow steep streets up the hill. There is a great viewing platform, which provides excellent views not just of the citadel but also of the surrounding mountains in which Corte is set. The main walking season is between mid-May and early July and in September. Corsica’s landscape is varied and beautiful. Much of Corsica's forests have a whole host of fauna and flora, mountainous surroundings and wild coast are made more accessible courtesy of way marked trails, maintained by the Parc Regional. Some trails only take an hour, while others take several days so depending on your enthusiasm and fitness there are so many options. There are also plenty of comfortable dormitory style accommodation options exclusively to walkers. Walking maps are available in newsagents and local tourist offices.