Corsica: Fishing

A little slice of heaven (out of peak season)

Corsica's interior is ideal for river fishing and sea fishing is possible from many of the seaside towns. Freshwater fishing is permitted in all of the Corsica's rivers and lakes with a valid fishing licence which can easily be obtained from a local fishing club. However, a permit is not needed for sea fishing provided whatever you catch is for your own consumption. The waters around Corsica are packed with fish; among the many species unique to the Mediterranean are the brown grouper which can grow up to 1 metre in length. Other species commonly found off the coast of Corsica are rainbow wrasse, John Dory, fork beards, moray eels, damselfish and scorpion fish. As an island fishing is a way of life on the island and for £35 fishermen will allow you to accompany them on their morning fishing outing. This means starting at midnight until 6am. To find out more about these options head to your nearest fishing village.