Corsica: Winter Sun

A little slice of heaven (out of peak season)

Taking a holiday to Corsica over the winter period can provide visitors with a low-cost luxury holiday. Corsica is a popular Mediterranean destination all year round and it is a key feature in winter sun cruise holidays because of its warmer than average climate. Air fares to the island, like package cruise tours, are reasonably priced at this time of year. Corsica has even been named as one of the bargain holiday destinations for Brits looking for some winter sun over the Christmas and New Year period by the Western Mail from Cardiff. Corsica has also recently been named as one of the world's best islands by the National Geographic Traveller magazine. However, the island will be a lot quieter in the winter season as not many activity centres will be open so you will be left with fewer options in terms of walking and cycling tours. But you will be able to get maps from tourist information centres and newsagents so you can do your own planning for walks and cycle rides.