Corsica: Scuba Diving Activity Holiday

A little slice of heaven (out of peak season)

The clean waters of Corsica are due to the virtual absence of pollution. Corsica's coastal waters rank among the cleanest and clearest in the Mediterranean. For divers, the marine landscape mirrors the island's mountainous interior, with sheer drops and rock formations as well as a seabed rich in flora and fauna to explore. Corsica is a water lover's haven and is recognised as one of the best places to dive in Europe. The clear diving conditions and temperatures of the water easily pass for tropical. Corsica's inlets and beaches are plentiful and the island possesses 30 diving centres dotted along its 1000km coastline. Great diving in Corsica can be found all around the island. The Revellata peninsula near Calvi is where you can dive to the wreck of a WWII bomber. There is a marine reserve at Bonifacio and the 'cathédrales' off the coast at Porto Pollo in the Valinco are another great site. The spectacularly rugged landscape on the dry side of the shoreline continues underwater in the form of yet more mountains and canyons, sharp peaks and rocky masses. Underwater there are incredible carpets of yellow flowering anemone, red coral and gorgonian. Underwater inhabitants on the island include grouper, brown meagre and numerous other species and creatures. There are also a number of easily accessible wrecks to explore. Corsica's superb underwater kingdom has been impressively well preserved, thanks to the careful management of two internationally renowned marine nature reserves.