Corsica: Disabled Needs

A little slice of heaven (out of peak season)

Corsica is a beautiful island and its main pull for visitors is the untouched and undeveloped nature of the island. However, Corsicans have tried to accommodate for those who are physically disabled in order to help everyone enjoy what Corsica has to offer. Many of the hotels, restaurants and resorts in Corsica have special adjustments for disabled tourists. In most of the Corsican parks steep areas are difficult to maneuver around so they have made efforts to make easier access routes that are suitable for those who use wheelchairs even without any assistance. Moreover in restaurants and hotels, the sinks are placed in such a height that can be used by wheelchair users. In the more modern hotels and lodges the kitchen and toilets are also designed with wheelchair users in mind. Although all of the hotels and restaurants are not built with so much detailed planning, Corsica still is a very welcoming place for disabled visitors and they take as much care as possible to ensure that there visitors are enjoying their trip.