Corsica: Culture and Arts

A little slice of heaven (out of peak season)

Corsica is brimming with culture. Their history is steeped in the arrival of many different cultures from across the Mediterranean to their island over the past few thousand years. The remains of Greek and Roamn cultures are still evident in Corsica on various parts of the island. There are fortresses and old monasteries to visit and the old villages still hold traditional values and the Corsican’s are very proud and protective or their island and history. The capital of Ajaccio is a good place to start for the culture, arts and history lovers. Pay a visit to the vast Maison Bonaparte where Napoleon was born. Also, wander around the old town and you’ll come across plenty of statues and monuments commemorating Corsica’s most famous son. Another cultural centrepiece, Musée Fesch, displays works from Corsica’s Italian neighbours with canvases by Raphael, Titian, and Botticelli. Corsica is also developing a modern craft industry reviving the traditional techniques. Some exceptional craftsmen make beautiful objects in alder, olive, beech or in briar, particularly pipes, toys, board games, sculptures and decorations. Corsican knives are very much sought after, in olive wood, beech or in oak with steel blades. This is probably the nicest and the most authentic object to take home as a souvenir of Corsica. The real Corsican knife is the shepherd’s knife which is called a "curnicciolu". Pottery is also common with handmade ceramics, porcelain and earthenware in radiant colours and which are decorated by using traditional techniques.