Corsica: Beach

A little slice of heaven (out of peak season)

Corsica Beach

Corsica has literally hundreds of beaches, probably the best in France and several among the best to be found anywhere in the world. Palombagia, Saint Giulia, Calvi, Loto, Saleccia and Saint Restitude beaches are among the beaches that continually get rave reviews. Loto and Saleccia beaches are great if you are looking for seclusion and peace as these beaches are accessed by boat. North of Calvi there are a string of numerous beaches so if one doesn’t suit just walk onto the next beach. All of the beaches in Corsica are clean and the waters are crystal clear and warm during the summer months. If you are holidaying with children you may want to find out which of the hundreds of beaches have life guards. Twenty five of the numerous beaches currently have life guards in Corsica. The coastline of Corsica provides ideal conditions for diving and windsurfing amongst other water sports because of the clean waters and Mediterranean temperatures. The beaches in Corsica are rated very highly and because of this is one of the prominent reasons why Corsica attracts visitors worldwide.