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Colombia Introduction Colombia Introduction

Face-lifted and waiting to be discovered – Columbia is now known as one of South America’s hottest new tourist destinations. Colombia is home to some of the most beautiful natural attractions, including ancient cities with strong colonial bearings, exotic Caribbean seas, modern cities with skyscrapers, tropical rainforests and so much more. Colombia is a magical land of an amazing natural and cultural expanse, and a people filled with warm and welcoming ways! The country is slowly managing to free itself from being a drug lord’s den, though drug trafficking is still rampant in the country. However, stricter laws have been put in place to ensure the safety and security and reduce the menace of trafficking. With the adoption of these steps, Colombia has become more and more acceptable to travelers as a tourist destination, with the country having so much on offer. Colombia banks highly on its ‘green tourism’ quotient. From the hills of Bogota to the bay of Cartagena city, surrounded by islands and lakes, the natural beauty of Colombia surpasses many other South American countries. With a culture steeped in age old traditions, a music and dance culture so lively, a delectable cuisine of mixed influences, and breathtaking natural beauty, Colombia is steadily climbing up the popularity ladder as an exciting tourist destination.