Caribbean: Crime

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Caribbean Crime

Britain and USA have both sent hardened criminals to their Caribbean islands from US and UK cities in the past few years. Violent crime and corruption have increased in many colonies and ex-colonies as a result. For example, Antigua local attitudes to foreigners have markedly deteriorated. Wherever you are going in the Caribbean, if you stay within the grounds of all-inclusive resorts you should have no problem. But while holidaymakers will imagine they are close to heaven, in the real world trouble does lurk. If you are going sailing in the Caribbean, or you are travelling on a low budget, you will need to be extra careful. All Caribbean tourists should avoid isolated areas, including beaches, after dark. Be discreet with your belongings; do not flash cash or jewellery. Be aware that outsiders are may be treated with disdain, and crimes against them may go unpunished. The safest places to go to are the French and Dutch islands as they still have strict law enforcement. Examples include Aruba, Curacao, Guadaloupe, St Martins. Cuba is relatively safe but do still take care. Less safe are the US Virgin islands, especially St Croix and St Thomas; Puerto Rico; Jamaica; Barbados' Bridgetown after dark; Turks & Caicos; Dominican Republic; and Bermuda. But remember, if you are inside an all-inclusive hotel resort anywhere in the Caribbean, there is usually no problem.