Caribbean: Surfing

Fun in da Sun wit lots'a Rum!

Barbados is a good destination to consider if you are planning on surfing while on holiday in the Caribbean. Because of its positioning, it can receive surfing swell from all directions which means at almost any given day you can find surfing somewhere on the island. Barbados offers a range of quality surfing spots for all standards of surfer and wave riding vehicles. The surfing season lasts all year long but October to March are the best months. During this time the size of waves will range from six to ten feet in the north of the island, and two to four feet on the rest of the island. At all other times of the year, the surf is between two and six feet. Also, it is often very glassy in the morning which provides you with superb and memorable surfing conditions. The Sea temperature never drops below 26C and it peaks at 30C in July and August. The island receives 3000 hours of sunshine and nearly 365 days of surfing.