Caribbean: Sightseeing

Fun in da Sun wit lots'a Rum!

The Caribbean is renowned for being a place of incredible natural and cultural beauty. From gorgeous beaches to historic sites and glittering casinos, there are lots of sights to see during your Caribbean holiday. Aside from the beautiful beachfront scenery, there many deep valleys, volcanic peaks, rainforests, natural springs and even deserts. Each island offers its own unique wildlife, and travellers who spend time inland will be amazed at the beautiful plants they see. Many of the Caribbean islands are simply full of natural beauty, which is a unique selling point for many tourists. Many nature lovers enjoy visiting Dominican rain forests. In the Morne Trois Pitions National Park you can see Boiling Lake, which is the largest of these lakes in the world. It is so deep that no one actually knows just how deep it goes. In the areas surrounding the lakes you can find an abundance of natural delights, such as thick vegetation rising thirty feet from the jungle floor. Here you will also find the Valley of Desolation – this is where sulfur has destroyed everything but the colourful streams of water that run red, orange, purple and black. And why not visit the a Rum distillery if you are in Martinique? It is sometimes referred to as “rum island.” It produces two main brands of the liquor, one from sugar cane and the other from molasses. The La Mauny distillery is the most famous and popular distillery on the island. Coming a very close second is The Saint James distillery. For those ready to give in to the liquor's unique appeal, a distillery tour is one of the top tourist attractions in the Caribbean.