Caribbean: Shopping

Fun in da Sun wit lots'a Rum!

Caribbean shopping is definitely a must for any tourist, although it is unlikely that, with so many fabulous beaches, one would go there purely for shopping. Nonetheless, shopping in the Caribbean can be the highlight of the trip as there is such a wide variety of goods on offer at the markets. Jewellery is one of the staples of shopping in the Caribbean and can be found at quite a bargain. Many of the Caribbean islands have duty-free and even tax-free shopping, so it is wise to make the most of this. You can find everything from luxury goods and designer fashions and jewelry, to cigars and liquor. And best of all is the fact that it will cost much less than it would at home. There are also other bargains to be had in the Caribbean - for example you will have the opportunity to buy items that are native to or hand-crafted in the Caribbean islands, so you would not find them anywhere else.