Caribbean: Mountain Climbing

Fun in da Sun wit lots'a Rum!

There are mountains in the Caribbean, the highest of which is Hike Pico Duarte in the Dominican Republic. It is a glorious place that is virtually untouched by tourism. Experience stunning vistas while trekking, climbing and hiking up this Caribbean mountain. Trekking Pico Duarte, which looms at 10414 feet above sea level, is alone worth a trip to the Caribbean. This Caribbean mountaineering hike has all the elements of a really exciting adventure. It towers above the awesome 306 square mile protected reserve of Bermudez National Park. Twelve major rivers rush through this immense park including the two largest rivers in the Caribbean. Although it is less than two hours from Miami and lies in the very heart of the Caribbean, the summit of Pico Duarte is often covered with frost and it is not uncommon to see temperatures of -8 C at dawn during the winter months.