Caribbean: Food and Drink

Fun in da Sun wit lots'a Rum!

The Caribbean has not always been known for its food, but in recent years that has begun to change and it is possible to eat well. With such a mix of international cltures, there is a wide variety of dishes available but most of the ingredients have to be imported. However West Indian food has its own strong traditions too, and the best of it is delicious, with a good use of local fresh fish and exceptionally tasty spices and fruits. The local food is unexpectedly heavy, with stews accompanied by a volley of starchy vegetables. Many islands have delightful local restaurants allowing you to sample Caribbean food at its best. Caribbean beers you may wish to sample include Aruba’s Balashi and Trinidad’s Carib. And you might enjoy Guimees Punch, which consists of guiness, milk, cinnamon and rum.