Cannes: Suggested Itinerary

Pearl of the French Riviera

Day 1: The city of Cannes is situated in the southern part of France, in the Riviera region and has a population of approximately 70.000 inhabitants. Cannes is very famous around the world for its Film Festival and also for its Cannes Lions Festival. The Boulevard de la Croisette is one of the most important attractions for tourists who love the beach, sun and sand and is a perfect place to spend Day 1.

Day 2: Start your shopping today by visiting La Croisette, a 12 km waterfront avenue bordered with palm trees, with many elegant hotels, cafés, shops and restaurants around. Visiting the Musée de la Castre is also a good option for seeing impressive works of art, paintings, sculptures and decorative art. And if you want to relax visit the Îles de Lérins (Lérins Islands) with nice views and beautiful beaches.

Day 3: It’s really upto you how you want to spend your last day, though hitting the beach could be a good option. If you’re sick of the sand, take a walk in the streets of Cannes and you will discover a very friendly atmosphere. The main streets are d’Antibes and Meynardier. You will have a good time at the boutiques. There are many restaurants around here too, although the prices are sometimes expensive, depending on whether the restaurant is located on the waterfront or not. In the evening, stay around here for some of the best clubs in the city.

Day 4: Pack up and head home, though you might be able to squeeze in some last-minute shopping.