Canberra: Hot Air Ballooning

Australia's Bustling Capital

A brilliant way to take in all of Canberra's top attractions is to indulge in some hot air ballooning action. Enjoy the unique experience of floating gently over the nation’s capital and drink in some amazing sights of some stunning natural beauty. Take off at dawn and rise slowly with the sun to the splendour of a new day. After the flight, enjoy some complimentary champagne and memories that last a lifetime. As you Head into the sky in a hot air balloon while a new day breaks over Canberra, your fully qualified and certified pilot gently guides your balloon on the morning air currents. From the magnificent edifice that is Parliament House, to the War Memorial and central lakes and elegantly laid out suburbs, marvel as the city comes to life below. Ballooning will give you a whole new perspective of the peace and tranquillity that is Canberra. After descending to a champagne celebration by the lakeside and the presentation of a personalised flight certificate, you will leave with memories of Canberra that will last a life time and more. Flight takes approximately 1 hour but please allow 3 to 3.5 hours for the entire experience. However, all flights are weather dependent, so be sure plan your balloon trip well in advance of your arrival in Canberra to avoid disappointment.