Canberra: Canoeing

Australia's Bustling Capital

Canberra has several excellent areas that offer canoeing for those looking to holiday in Canberra. The Acton Park Ferry terminal at Lake Burnley Griffin offers some affordable canoeing opportunities on the beautiful lake at the heart of Canberra. Private power boats are not allowed on the lake, and the waters are usually calm and excellent for everyone from beginners to experts. About 20km of Canberra city, Murrumbidgee River is also a popular canoeing location, stretching through some of Canberra’s finest areas of natural beauty. Guided canoeing tours are freely available and usually last for a couple of hours, perfect for families with children or couples looking for a short canoeing adventure; or whole day expeditions for more intrepid travellers. No previous experience is needed as many of the water sport centres in Canberra, such as those located in the Civic, have qualified instructors to help you through the basics in canoeing in a safe environment.