Canberra: Wine Tasting Holiday

Australia's Bustling Capital

A perfect destination for a wine tasting getaway, Canberra’s cool climate wines are now receiving worldwide recognition. There are 140 vineyards with more than 30 cellar doors in peaceful rural countryside around Canberra, and most are only 30 minutes from the city. The district’s vineyards produce all the varieties you would expect from a premium wine region. Despite the sophisticated product, the wineries are small and friendly and you may even get to meet the winemaker at the cellar door. Situated at the foot of the Brindabella Mountains, the tranquil rural countryside around the ACT is home to many excellent small and intimate providing an original interactive visitor experience. Visitors are often afforded the privilege of being served by the winemaker providing an opportunity to learn first hand the passion and expertise required to create authentic, hand crafted cool climate wines. Overall, Canberra’s remarkable blend of fine vineyards makes it an good destination for any wine tasting holiday.