Canberra: Golf Activity Holiday

Australia's Bustling Capital

Canberra is becoming fast known amongst golfers as one of Australia's best areas for a diverse and engaging golf holiday as well as a range of activities to suit families and fun seekers alike. There are many fine courses in Canberra, including the Canberra International Golf Centre, Fairbairn Golf Club, Gold Creek Country Club and Yass Golf Club. Canberra has a range of courses and clubs for every level of ability and budget. A must for all golf enthusiasts is The Cyber Bunker, which offers golfers of all levels 50 simulated courses with all the best features of golf in a virtual indoor environment. Select your course, warm up on the driving range then head to the first tee and play your round in one of the four golf booths. An image of each hole is displayed on a floor to ceiling screen, into which you hit your golf ball from various golf hitting mats that simulate the fairway, rough, sand and green. Shots are simulated with the aid of an accurate state-of-the-art infrared system. All shots are measured in speed, distance, angle, direction and spin and the game is measured on your own skill, but can be changed to adjust to all skill levels. Outside of the city, no golfing holiday to Canberra is complete without a visit to the scores of resort courses scattered around the ACT region, the Federal Golf Club and the Goolabri Country Resort particularly recommended. Luxury accommodation, varied resorts and a perfect year-round climate makes Canberra an ideal location for any golfer.