Canary Islands: Costs

More than simply Sun, Sea and Sand

Canary Islands Costs

Daily living expenses on the Canary Islands are lower than those in most countries of Western Europe. Accommodation, which is plentiful, can be a bargain compared to other popular European holiday destinations. Food, too, is inexpensive for both self-caterers and avid restaurant-goers. Car hire is cheap, taxi transport good value over short distances and public buses are generally economical. Flying between the islands can be a bit more expensive but time-saving. Theme and amusement parks are all pricey, especially for large family groups.

The daily budget you’ll need depends largely on the kind of trip you have planned; whether or not you’re self-catering, if you plan to eat in restaurants or pack picnics, and whether your hotel includes meals. To stay in a comfortable midrange hotel, eat one formal and one simple meal out each day, and hire a car, expect to pay at least about €100 per person per day.