Canary Islands: Bus Tours

More than simply Sun, Sea and Sand

Canary Islands Bus Tours

If you don't want to drive yourself but you would like to explore the island. you can always take a Canary Islands bus tour. Each of the Canary Islands has some top class guided tours, regardless which resort you are staying in. As the islands are always geared up for tourism you will have no trouble finding English speaking guides who will provide expert information on the surrounding areas. More importantly you won't have to concentrate on the road - just the scenery! Bus tours around the Canary islands travel at a slow leisurely pace, giving you plenty of time to absorb all the sights and sounds. And there will be plenty to see - from dormant volcanoes to magnificent landscape to beautiful sea and palm trees, not to mention the many historic villages and towns that are scattered across the islands. You may also be surprised at how much greenery there is to see, particularly in La Palma, which tends to have wetter weather.