Canada: Introduction

Oh, its big all right. Damn big!

Canada Introduction Canada Introduction

At 10 million square kilometres, Canada is the world's second largest country. However, it's population density is among the lowest in the world, with only 3.5 inhabitants per square kilometre. Much of the land is uninhabited, with most people tending to reside in built-up urban areas. Canada is home to a huge variety of creatures, including bears, whales and rare birds. Canadian culture has historically been influenced by British, French, and Aboriginal cultures and traditions. It has also been influenced heavily by American culture because of the close proximity between the two countries.

Canada is a great place to take a holiday as there is just so much to do there that you wouldn't be able to do elsewhere in the world. Why not visit one of the fishing villages, where you may even be able to hear the echoes from the wild? And Canada is also the perfect destination for an adventure holiday, as the landscape is pure and unspoiled and there are so many parks, mountains, lakes, glaciers and forests that the opportunities are endless. Outstanding features that have made Canada famous include the Niagra Falls, the Rockies, the Sky Tower and the Great Lakes. And with so many cosmopolitan cities, the only difficult part may be choosing which part of this vast country you wish to see!