Canada: Costs

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Canada Costs

Accommodations are likely to be your biggest expense, but rising fuel prices means that transport in Canada is becoming more costly than before. Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia are more costly than other provinces, but the three northern territories, the Yukon, Northwest and Nunavut are the most expensive. Québec, the Atlantic provinces, Manitoba and Saskatchewan are the hceapest places to visit in Canada. On average, if you choose to stay in comfortable midrange accommodation prices will start at $80 to $90 for a double room. This usually includes breakfast. A midrange restaurant meal including wine or beer should cost between $15 and $25 plus tax and a tip. Rental cars are $35 to $65 a day plus fuel. Entry prices for attractions range from $5 to $15. Discounts are widely available to children, students and seniors throughout the country, and many attractions offer a discounted family admission price. Taxes of 6% to 14% are added to nearly all goods and services.